Marco Borges

by Charles Platkin, PhD

Location: Miami, New York

Website: and

Diet Detective: Hello, Marco. Thanks so much for doing an interview with us for Could you tell us a bit about how and why you got into fitness — was it your calling?

Marco Borges: It absolutely was my calling! I was just a kid when I realized how much of an effect we had over our bodies and how simple things like pull–ups and push–ups transformed my body. So I figured I wanted to be a doctor, it wasn’t until later in my life that I realized it was really an exercise physiologist that I wanted to be.

Diet Detective: What is your overall fitness philosophy — and what is Power Moves about? Your book talks about the “Four joints: shoulder, elbow, hip, knee. Four simple movements. Everything else stems from these four ‘power moves.’”

Marco Borges: Consistency is key! If you empower people with the tools necessary to make proper lifestyle choices, like eating sensibly and exercising regularly, then it (ultimate health) becomes an attainable goal. If we understand our body and how it functions then we have the power to train ourselves with any or no equipment at all. Power Moves teaches us how to use the most important machine of all, our body. The four motions engage all the major muscles of the body.

Diet Detective: There are so many diet and weight loss programs today that most people are starting to get skeptical, cynical and tired of seeing new ones. What makes your program any different than the rest of them?

Marco Borges: Although there are many diet and weight loss programs out there, Power Moves was designed with 20 years experience and proven success to educate the reader for a healthy lifestyle not just a quick fix. It’s all about having a plan. Power Moves lays out a simple plan that teaches you how to exercise with or without equipment and it arms you with the knowledge you need to fuel yourself for optimum health! Successful weight loss is complex because there are many different factors involved, Power Moves addresses all of them exercise, nutrition, rest, recovery, supplementation and most importantly our minds and how we think about food!

Power Moves introduces three creative training programs—the “No Excuses,” “Maintain/Stay in the Game,” and “Warrior” workouts that revolve around the movements of four major body joints — the shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee. The program will show readers not just how to workout better, but how to see their body in a whole new way. These programs are accessible to people of all fitness levels and are designed to achieve a wide range of objectives, whether you want to reduce body fat, improve mood, strengthen your heart and lungs, look younger or even reduce the risk of illness. Best of all, there is no need for an expensive gym membership!

Diet Detective: Tell us the biggest secret that nutrition experts and trainers typically don’t tell their clients, but should?

Marco Borges: Caloric restriction is one of the most important factors in overall health!

Diet Detective: How do you get a body by Marco Borges? What do you need to do each day?

Marco Borges: Remain consistent! People want to have a perfect diet on Monday and by Friday they’re ready to start over again on Monday… If people remained more consistent taking and keeping weight off would be a simple task.

Diet Detective: Tell us — how do you train your mind and emotions to live healthier?

Marco Borges: Think of health not vanity! Also, we must understand that we are ultimately responsible for our own health or lack thereof and if we’re unhealthy we not only affect ourselves but those we love and love us.

Diet Detective: In all your years of training what do you consider the best core exercises? Can you also explain how to do the exercise?

Marco Borges: There are many great core exercises but most people perform core exercises in an effort to have a sculpted midsection and fail to realize that even if you performed 1000 repetitions a day of core exercises, you would never have a sculpted midsection unless you’re consuming the proper amount and quality of calories. That said, I still love the simplicity and benefits of the crunch (hands behind the head for support, laying flat on your back with knees slightly bent and coming up 6” off the ground) and the side plank (plank position on your side with supporting arm outstretched to the floor and dropping the hips and pulling back up using the obliques).

Diet Detective: If you could only do only one strength training exercise (using weights) what would it be?

Marco Borges: The squat press because it works the whole body, but I love variety and there really is no reason to only do one exercise.

Diet Detective: Yoga vs. pilates vs. stretching?

Marco Borges: I love them all! But I really enjoy yoga.

Diet Detective: Free weights vs. machine?

Marco Borges: Free weights.

Diet Detective: Swiss ball/ physio ball vs. exercise bands?

Marco Borges: Exercise bands, but I also love the Swiss ball.

Diet Detective: Treadmill vs. walking outdoors?

Marco Borges: Walking outdoors anyday!!!!

Diet Detective: Nutritional supplements?

Marco Borges: A must! We can’t get everything we need with just food and we know too much about the amazing benefits of supplementing our diet with vitamins and minerals.

Diet Detective: What’s always in your fridge?

Marco Borges: Fresh fruit and vegetables, hemp milk, almond butter and some pre-cooked quinoa.

Diet Detective: What food would we never find in your fridge?

Marco Borges: Fast food leftovers!

Diet Detective: What’s your favorite healthy ingredient?

Marco Borges: Any beans!

Diet Detective: Your morning routine?

Marco Borges: Breakfast, meditate, workout…then work!

Diet Detective: Fitness “thing” you can’t live without (e.g, jump rope, workout gloves.)?

Marco Borges: My running shoes!

Diet Detective: What’s your favorite “junk food?”

Marco Borges: Pizza (no cheese)!! From Lucali’s in Brooklyn (oh, it’s soooo good).

Diet Detective: What was your worst summer job?

Marco Borges: I’ve been really lucky, I’ve only taken jobs that I’ve enjoyed. I realized at a very early age that life was too short to live any other way.

Diet Detective: As a child you wanted to be?

Marco Borges: A doctor, but then I thought to myself, why wait until people get sick to help them when I can keep them from getting sick in the first place? I’m more proactive than reactive!

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